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Rene’s approach to learning is centred on the belief that each person, whether child or adult, can learn new methods that will allow learning to become an enjoyable process. Many people with learning differences have developed refined coping mechanisms - but she knows that it is possible to develop techniques that allow her clients to do much more than just cope!

After school Rene completed a 2- year trip to California as an au pair for an Autistic boy. While in California Rene trained in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) and was exposed to many forms of intervention for children on the autism spectrum. Upon her return to South Africa she completed her Teaching Diploma and received her Integrated Learning Practitioner Licence while working as a special-needs facilitator and teacher. After teaching in the classroom and realizing that many children could benefit from the Davis Tools Rene decided to become a Licenced Davis Facilitator.

Rene's Story

What brought her to a career change, to create Dynamic Learning Solution, was the experience she had with one of her long-time students. Her student, diagnosed with Autism, had many forms of intervention and after years of struggling to read, was diagnosed as being dyslexic. The news was crushing for the parents. Rene then read the book “The Gift of Dyslexia” and decided it was the only option. What continued to motivate her was his parent’s willingness to try new methods and her understanding about how much potential he had, as he was highly intelligent and just needed a teaching method that addressed his learning style, that recognised his strengths.

The Gift of Dyslexia really embraced Rene's outlook and approach to teaching and she was pleased to find a method that explained that her student was not disabled, but different, specifically in his thinking style. Rene also realised that he wasn’t the only student she had with a different thinking style.

Her student completed The Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme with a Licenced Facilitator and Rene was trained as the Support Person. Rene soon realised that the tools he was given brought him both immediate and long-term success. After the programme he was able to begin reading and writing independently within a short time. Within 6 months of starting the programme the chore of doing daily reading that often took hours, now became a routine that he did independently each night without the previous hours of struggling. Today, that same student, is reading independently (mostly age appropriate books about aviation!)

Due to this success, and realising the stress that a family feels in this situation she felt there was a need to share this gift with others. In 2012 Rene began studying to become a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme facilitator while teaching and became a licensed facilitator in August 2016. Throughout Rene's teaching career, she has realised the huge need for learners to be accepted and treated equally and opened Dynamic Learning Solution.

Rene is also a certified TRE® (Tension, Stress, Trauma Release) provider. For more information about TRE® you can visit TRE® for Africa Foundation website.

The Davis™ programmes described on this site and TRE® are separate and distinct programmes which are provided in their own distinct contexts on separate schedules.