The Process

We aim to answer the following four questions:

  1. Will the client benefit from a Davis Program, which program/programs is necessary ?
  2. Does the client have the motivation to participate in a Davis Program?
  3. Am I the best Davis Facilitator for you?
  4. How many days is the client likely to need (5 or 8-9 days) ?


The first step is an initial consultation

The initial consultation in English or Afrikaans will determine if the Davis Program is a suitable solution for the client's learning difficulties and goals. The typical initial consultation will take about 2 hours and includes a symptoms profile, short reading assessment, and a perceptual ability assessment. For children, participation of at least one parent is required.

The result of the assessment is discussed at the end, but we do not provide a written report. If you are looking for a written report, we recommend a full educational assessment, which we do not provide, but we do recommend educational psychologists for this purpose further down this page.

Even if you decide not to go further with our help, the Davis assessment is likely to give you a much greater understanding of the problems you are facing as well as a more positive outlook on the world.

If our Davis assessment indicates that you would benefit from using the Davis methods, you can at your leisure decide to sign up for a full program. You may want to do the free on-line Davis assessment right now, which will give you an immediate indication of whether our program is likely to benefit you.

Call Rene Christiane on 082 455 2112 or email for more information or to set up an initial consultation.

The Programsschool-books-process

At Dynamic Learning Solution, children and adults with Dyslexia are treated with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve. Our programs are DESIGNED for the learning style of the visual-spatial person. Whether the root is Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, or other related diagnosis, we can tailor the program to fit your needs. Programs are able to be delivered in English or Afrikaans.

While many other programs address only the symptoms of the learning disability, using tedious drill and repetition — the Davis methods get to the root cause of the learning difficulty and correct it using the natural strengths and talents of the client's personal learning style. Clients will learn HOW THEY LEARN and leave with the ability to implement the knowledge obtained during the program into daily life.

Our Program venue is also chosen with the clients needs taken into consideration. Dynamic Learning Solution will choose a venue that will be best suited to making sure the client is comfortable, relaxed and able to achieve their best.

For more specific program information and offerings, see Program Specifics here.

Support Training

Anyone that will assist the client meet their post-program goals should attend Support Training. Support training is usually held on the afternoon of the last program day.

Covered during this:

  • Koosh® Ball Exercises
  • Reading Exercises
  • Davis™ Symbol Mastery
  • Follow-up schedule
  • Post-program recommendations


Post-Program Follow-up and Support

Follow-up: The client will leave the program with all of the tools, understanding, and materials necessary to implement the program into their every day lives and achieve positive results. Davis Symbol Mastery of 219 “trigger words” (those words that do not have a visual image) is an essential part of the correction of Dyslexia. See our recommended Follow-up Requirements here.

Support: The goal of Dynamic Learning Solution is to have successful and happy clients. All efforts will be made to ensure that experience, even after the program is over! Unlimited phone or email support is available. Three 2-hour post-program visits are also available, if needed.

Trigger word classes are held once a week at Dios Los Ninos School. Children enjoy being creative and making Trigger words together. One-on-one classes are also available but not necessary.

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