My name is Brandon Traill.  I go to school at DLN Private School. Before I attended the Davis Program, I hated school. I did not want to do my homework or school work. Before I did the Davis Program- my math marks were always a fail. Afterwards all my marks changed. Now I’m reading a 328 page book (the Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith), before I hated reading but now I love it.  I love doing work and I can now read very well.  This changed my life I want to say thank you to Rene.

Brandon attends DLN Private school as a Grade 7 student. He attended the Program in July 2016.Since then, he has diligently been doing his trigger words. I regularly see him lazing on the aftercare couch where I have the privilege of listening to him read with confidence and certainty.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction Program as well as, The Davis Attention Mastery Program have made a huge impact on my son’s life. After the program the following things changed:

  • Jayden's handwriting improved (this wasn’t even a goal)
  • The biggest improvement was his attitude towards school work.  He became much more positive and happier.
  • His grades improved by 8% in one term (overall average)
  • His concentration and study skills improved.
  • His willingness to do better was so evident.
  • The weekly classes really assist with re-enforcement and consistency.

Debbie Mortimer

Jayden attended both the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program as well as, the Davis Attention Mastery Program. He has worked diligently at his trigger words and continues to go from strength to strength.