Program Overview

Why Choose Dynamic Learning Solution?

books-loveOur programs are different from traditional tutoring both in approach and delivery.

The programs are more like educational therapy than tutoring. They are not based on a particular grade level or curriculum. We work on the underlying processes that affect progress with reading, writing, math and focusing. The programs address the root cause of learning disabilities by using the natural strengths of the individual’s thinking and learning style, most importantly, the programs are fun.

Clients leave Dynamic Learning Solution with the tools that can be used for life-long learning and a greater understanding of how they learn.  This results in increased confidence, ability, and control of their own learning.

Your facilitator has received extensive training and shows great dedication, care, understanding and patience with her clients.  A client stays with the same facilitator throughout their whole program so there is continuity and maximum understanding of each client’s strengths and needs.

books10 Reasons to Consider a Davis Program.

  • Each program address the root of the problem, rather than coping with the symptoms.
  • The Davis Tools can be used for a lifetime.
  • There is no use of repetition or drill nor rigorous follow up.
  • Davis is a Drug-free solution.
  • An amazing success rate – The research speaks for itself.
  • One-on-one (program is individualized for each client).
  • Support training for parents, teachers and/or tutors.
  • Unlimited phone support.
  • Free reviews.
  • A Licenced Facilitator with firsthand experience in dealing with dyslexia and ADHD/ADD.

Davis Dyslexia Correction Program

girl_writing_smallThe Davis Dyslexia Correction Program is a 5 day program for ages 8+. The methods used in this program, such as Davis Symbol Mastery with clay, are geared towards gradually giving the responsibility of controlling the state of orientation to the client.

Davis Math Mastery Program

maths_program_smallThe Davis Math Mastery Program is a 5-8 day program that consists of mastering basic concepts that provide more of an understanding for math. This program would be beneficial for any 8+ year old.

Davis Program for Young Learners

reading_smallThe Davis Reading Program for Young Learners is a modified version of the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program targeted towards children ages 5-7.

Davis Attention Mastery Program

attention_mastery_smallThe Davis Attention Mastery Program is a 5-8 day program that consists of mastering basic life concepts using the Davis Symbol Mastery with clay.