Davis™ Reading Programme for Young Learners

Davis Reading Programme for Young Learners

The Davis Reading Programme for Young Learners is designed for "at risk" children ages 5-7 years old. This parent-coached programme prepares children with the essential tools to learn how to focus and create solid foundations for learning language. One of the main benefits of having parent involvement (parents must be present with the child for at least 50% of the programme or more) is that the parent is equipped for the future. The parent will be equipped with the tools necessary to assist their child with fundamentals of reading, writing, and spelling in the future. Provided on a modified schedule (typically 9 am - 12 pm) over a two-week period, you and your child will be guided through using clay and the Davis Symbol Mastery techniques to:

  • Master upper- and lower-case alphabet letters
  • Techniques to catch and resolve confusions with letters caused by shape (i.e. b, d, p, q), sounds, or letter formation
  • Gain awareness and understanding of basic punctuation marks
  • Learn fun and engaging ways to master those pesky "sight words"

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