Davis Attention Mastery™ Programme

Davis™Attention Mastery Programme

ADD/ADHD is typically defined by deficits in attention, behavioral difficulties, and inappropriate energy levels in various situations. Equipped with the Davis tools, clients are taught how to self-monitor:

  • Focus/Attention (Orientation Counseling or Alignment)
  • Internal Energy-Levels
  • Stress-Management Techniques

In addition to these highly effective tools, clients of the Attention Mastery programme master concepts that address behavioral/life situations, using the Davis Concept Mastery techniques. Some of these concepts include:

  • Self (How do I relate in this world and to others?)
  • Change
  • Consequence (How do my actions create consequences? — Good or bad!)
  • Cause/Effect (What caused this scenario to happen? What was the effect?)
  • Before/After
  • Time
  • Sequence
  • Order/Disorder (Executive Functioning)

The Davis™ Attention Mastery Programme can vary in length - from 5 days to up to 8 days, depending upon the client.

More information on the Davis™ Attention Mastery Program for ADD/ADHD (external link)

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