Adult Dyslexia Correction Program

Adult Dyslexia Correction Program

  • Do you try to hide mistakes?
  • Are you often uncertain about spelling, word meaning, or which "rule" to follow with grammar?
  • Do you have too many coping mechanisms to keep up with?
  • Do your symptoms get worse when overwhelmed or stressed out?
  • Do you remember struggling in school as a child?

...if any of these are true, Dyslexia could be the cause - and Dynamic Learning Solution can help!

We SPECIALIZE in working with adults of all ages who are struggling with Dyslexia and/or ADD/ADHD - no diagnosis necessary!

The program is completed in a 5-day "boot camp" with follow-up work necessary once the week is complete. Scheduling can be flexible - many adult programs are done spanning a weekend so that missed work can be limited.


Why is the Davis Program a great fit for adults?

1) The Program is facilitated one-on-one and is designed to meet your specific goals and areas for improvement.

2) The Davis Program is a one-week, intensive program - no weekly visits!

3) Follow-up work is done independently - on your schedule, in your own home, and with no extra expense!

4) It provides tools for focus, mental clarity, stress-management, energy-level management and skills that will ease reading difficulties.

Not sure if you are dyslexic?

Unless you need an official diagnosis for accommodations at work or for legal purposes, these tests are accurate enough to indicate if you are likely dealing with Dyslexia.

If you are in need of an official diagnosis, you will want to contact a Neuropsychologist or Psychoeducational Counselor in your area. They will do extensive testing and will be able to provide you and your workplace with official documentation. Be sure to ask them for a "Dyslexia Test," as many will not use the word Dyslexia in their diagnosis unless asked specifically.

How does the Davis Program work for adults

Motivated adults bring a level of maturity and self-awareness that make the program extremely rewarding and successful! We have helped adults of all ages to improve their reading, writing, spelling, focus, and stress-levels.

Working one-on-one through the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program steps in a 100% judgement-free-zone, adults are able to confront and release confusion and anxiety with letters, words, and punctuation - finally understanding how to control the dyslexic symptoms that make functioning in various situations difficult. Dynamic Learning Solutions has helped adults conquer their stresses with:

  • Interviewing
  • Public Speaking or reading out loud
  • Studying/understanding complex subjects (college or work-related)
  • Commonly misused or misspelled words
  • Punctuation/grammar usage
  • Stress management
  • Focusing techniques
  • Listening skills
  • ...and much more!

About the program creator...

The Davis Program was originally developed for and by adult dyslexics. At the age of 38, Ron Davis discovered the tools that allowed him to correct perception and, for the first time in his life, read an entire book in one sitting. After his discovery, the program was further tested and developed by working with adult dyslexic volunteers.

The program was then made available to all dyslexics from the age of 8 up.Hear his incredible story below:

What do we do during a program?

The two major components of the Davis Dyslexia Correction program are Orientation Counseling and Symbol Mastery. Davis Dyslexia Correction always includes both of these components.

Davis Orientation Counseling teaches dyslexic students how to recognize and control the mental state that leads to distorted and confused perceptions of letters, words and numerals. Through a simple mental technique, the students learn to turn off the thought processes that cause misperceptions. Instead, they are able to restore their minds to a relaxed and focused state, suitable for reading and other studies. Once Orientation is learned, the student is ready to build the conceptual skills that will allow them to overcome problems stemming from dyslexia.

Davis Symbol Mastery gives dyslexic students the ability to think with symbols and words, so they can learn to read easily and with full comprehension. Using clay, students first work with the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation marks, to make sure that they have an accurate perception and understanding of these symbols.

Students then use clay to model the trigger words--the short abstract words, frequently encountered in reading, such as and, the, to, or it. These words cause problems when dyslexic students cannot form a mental picture to go along with them. Through Symbol Mastery, the student makes a three-dimensional clay model of the meaning of each word, together with a model of the letters of the words. With this approach, learning is permanent.

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